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Title Beta-lactamase protein fragment complementation assays as in vivo and in vitro sensors of protein protein interactions
Summary Here we describe PCAs based on the enzyme TEM-1 beta-lactamase (EC:, which include simple colorimetric in vitro assays using the cephalosporin nitrocefin and assays in intact cells using the fluorescent substrate CCF2/AM (ref. 6). The combination of in vitro colorimetric and in vivo fluorescence assays of beta-lactamase in mammalian cells suggests a wide variety of sensitive and high-throughput large-scale applications, including in vitro protein array analysis of protein protein or enzyme protein interactions and in vivo applications such as clonal selection for cells expressing interacting protein partners.
Journal Nat Biotechnol.
Publish date June,2002
Corresponding Author Stephen W. Michnick
Array Type Technological development of protein array
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PubMed ID:12042868